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Colorado River - arizona
Updated Oct. 21, 2019, 3 p.m.
Feet / Mile
Streamflow 10700 cfs
Average 25000 cfs
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Current Weather 90° Sunny
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Anyone who is serious about running rivers knows that the Grand Canyon is the mecca of all river runs.  The Grand is to rafting/kayaking as Yosemite is to rock climbers.  It is a must do trip!  Whether you are running it in rafts, J-rigs, kayaks, dories or whatever, the point is to experience the river, the canyon and the friendships. Weather on the river today will be sunny, with a high near 90. west wind 6 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 21 mph.

This run is accessible from 4 public boat access points along the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is also ideal for multi day paddlers as the run features numerous campsites. Campers will find 220 riverside campsites as the run winds its way through 296 miles of the beautiful Colorado River.

Season Begins: January & Ends: December

Streamflow Conditions

The Grand Canyon is currently runnable with streamflow levels at 10700cfs, about -47% below the average runnable rate of 25000cfs. Streamflow levels and subsequent run conditions for Grand Canyon are sourced from the USGS streamflow gage located at Colorado River At Lees Ferry, Az.

Our recommended river levels for paddling this section of the Colorado River are between a bare minimum of 4000cfs and a high of 90000cfs. Paddlers can expect to come across 96 class III to IV obstacles as they float down this 296 mile stretch of the Colorado River.

Whitewater Rapids

Obstacle Class Elevation
Badger Creek Rapid Class III to IV 3076.83 Feet
Soap Creek Rapid Class III to IV 3146.36 Feet
Sheer Wall Rapid Class II- to III- 3038.98 Feet
House Rock Rapid Class III to IV+ 3354.33 Feet
North Canyon Rapid Class III 3259.9 Feet
21 Mile Rapid Class III 3260.0 Feet
23 Mile Rapid Class II- to III- 3030.62 Feet
23 1/2 Mile Rapid Class II+ 2995.14 Feet
Georgie Rapid Class II to IV 3070.33 Feet
24 1/2 Mile Rapid Class III 2980.99 Feet
25 Mile Rapid Class III 2998.08 Feet
Cave Springs Rapid Class III 3039.83 Feet
27 Mile Rapid Class III 3156.11 Feet
29 Mile Rapid Class II to II+ 2894.24 Feet
36 Mile Rapid Class III to IV 2860.46 Feet
President Harding Rapid Class III- 2835.63 Feet
Nankoweap Rapid Class I to II- 2805.92 Feet
Kwagunt Rapid Class III- to III+ 2788.34 Feet
60 Mile Rapid Class III- 2744.65 Feet
Lava Canyon or Chuar Rapid Class II to III- 2699.28 Feet
Tanner Rapid Class II to III- 2684.17 Feet
Unkar Rapid Class III- to IV- 2632.0 Feet
Nevills Rapid Class III- to IV- 2583.39 Feet
Hance Rapid Class IV- to IV 2579.61 Feet
Sockdolager Rapid Class III to IV- 2553.26 Feet
Grapevine Rapid Class III to IV 2507.55 Feet
83 Mile Rapid Class II+ to III+ 2470.96 Feet
Zoroaster Rapid Class III- 2458.21 Feet
Pipe Springs Rapid Class II 2403.57 Feet
Horn Creek Rapid Class III+ to IV+ 2390.52 Feet
Salt Creek Rapid Class II 2368.54 Feet
Granite Rapid Class IV 2358.03 Feet
Hermit Rapid Class III to IV 2342.94 Feet
Boucher Rapid Class III 2342.34 Feet
Crystal Rapid Class III+ to IV+ 2328.14 Feet
Tuna Creek Rapid Class III 2297.58 Feet
Lower Tuna - Willies Necktie Rapid Class III- to III 2284.76 Feet
Agate Rapid Class II to III- 2381.9 Feet
Sapphire Rapid Class III 2282.31 Feet
Turquoise Rapid Class III 2257.8 Feet
Emerald Rapid Class III 2251.6 Feet
Ruby Rapid Class III- 2237.79 Feet
Serpentine Rapid Class III+ 2212.84 Feet
Bass Rapid Class II+ 2203.42 Feet
Shinumo Rapid Class II+ 2192.85 Feet
110 Mile Rapid Class II+ 2183.0 Feet
Hakatai Rapid Class II+ 2192.46 Feet
Waltenberg Rapid Class II+ to III 2155.28 Feet
Forster Rapid Class II+ to III+ 2106.67 Feet
Fossil Rapid Class II+ to III+ 2114.96 Feet
128 Mile Rapid Class III- 2038.76 Feet
Specter Rapid Class III+ 2042.07 Feet
Bedrock Rapid Class III to IV 2037.6 Feet
Dubendorff Rapid Class III to IV 1994.31 Feet
Tapeats Rapid Class III- 1986.26 Feet
135 Mile Rapid Class II+ 1986.51 Feet
Doris Rapid Class III- 1950.61 Feet
Fishtail Rapid Class III- to III 1911.93 Feet
Kanab Rapid Class II to III 1909.81 Feet
Matkamiba Rapid Class II 1845.21 Feet
Upset Rapid Class II+ to IV 1879.68 Feet
Sinyala Rapid Class II to II+ 1822.89 Feet
Havasu Rapid Class II+ 1871.98 Feet
164 Mile Rapid Class II 1823.71 Feet
Fern Glen Rapid Class II 1767.78 Feet
Gateway Rapid Class II 1745.76 Feet
Lava Falls (Vulcan) Rapid Class IV 1664.6 Feet
Lower Lava Rapid Class II to III 1660.99 Feet
185 Mile Rapid Class II 1617.59 Feet
Whitmore Rapid Class II 1604.07 Feet
205 Mile Rapid Class II to III 1484.64 Feet
209 Mile Rapid Class II+ 1479.36 Feet
212 Mile Rapid Class II+ 1338.68 Feet
217 Mile Rapid Class III 1402.6 Feet
Granite Springs Rapid Class II 1379.43 Feet
224 Mile Rapid Class II+ 1362.62 Feet
Diamond Creek Rapid Class III- 1340.0 Feet
Travertine Rapid Class II 1288.39 Feet
231 Mile Rapid Class III to IV 1270.61 Feet
232 Mile or Killer Fang Falls Rapid Class III to IV 1253.09 Feet
234 Mile Rapid Class III- to III+ 1242.88 Feet
Bridge Canyon Rapid Class III 1242.15 Feet
Gneiss Canyon Rapid Class III 1242.17 Feet
237 Mile Rapid Class III- 1208.35 Feet
Seperation Rapid Class III- 1205.73 Feet
240 Mile Rapid (Memorial) Class I 1310.67 Feet
241 Mile Rapid (Memorial) Class I 1205.73 Feet
Lava Cliff Rapid (Memorial) Class I 1205.7 Feet
Surprise Rapid (Memorial) Class I 1226.98 Feet
Lost Creek Rapid (Memorial) Class I 1204.39 Feet
Reference Point Rapid (Memorial) Class I 1190.57 Feet
Last Chance Rapid (Memorial) Class I 1186.63 Feet
Devils Slide Rapid (Memorial) Class I 1174.49 Feet
Triumphal Arch Rapid (Memorial) Class I 1170.55 Feet
Waterfall Rapid (Memorial) Class I 1157.48 Feet
Wards Cave Rapid (Memorial) Class I 1152.9 Feet

Multi Day Camping

5 Mile Camp
6 Mile Camp
Badger Creek Camp
Jackass Canyon Camp
Sandbar Camp
Soap Creek Camp
Below Salt Water Wash Camp
Ledge Camp
Hot Na Na Camp
House Rock Camp
18 Mile Wash Camps
19 Mile Camp
19.4 Mile Camp
20 Mile Camp
Upper North Canyon Camp
Lower North Canyon Camp
22 Mile Camp
Indian Dick Camp
Lone Cedar Camp
24 1/2 Mile Camp
Above Tiger Wash Camp
Shinumo Wash
Island Camp
Fence Fault Camp
Sand Pile Camp
South Canyon Camp
Below Redwall Camp
Little Redwall Camp
Nautiloid Camp
Tatahatso Camp
Above Martha's Camp
Martha's Camp
Redbud Alcove Camp
Buck Farm Camp
Anasazi Bridge Camp
President Harding Camp
Eminence Camp
Willie Taylor Camp
Duck 'N Quack Camp
Upper Saddle Camp
Lower Saddle Camp
Upper and Lower Dinosaur Camp
51.5 Mile Camp
Little Nankoweap
Upper Nankoweap Camp
Main Nankoweap Camp
Kwagunt Camp
Below Kwagunt Camp
Malgosa Camp
Opposite Malgosa Camp
Awatubi Camp
Below Awatubi Camp
Above Little Colorado River Camp
Below Little Colorado River Camp
Crash Canyon Camp
Carbon Camp
Lava Canyon Camp
Palisades Camp
Above Espejo Camp
Upper Tanner Camp
Tanner Camp
Below Tanner Camp
Basalt Camp
Cardenas Camp
Upper Unkar Camp
Unkar Left Camp
Upper Rattlesnake Camp
Escalante Camp
Nevills Camp
Below Nevills Camp
Papago Camp
Hance Camp
Below Sockdolager Camp
Grapevine Camp
Clear Creek Camp
Below Clear Creek Camp
Zoroaster Camp
Upper and Lower Cremation Camps
Below Pipe Creek Camp
91 Mile Camp
Trinity Camp
Above Salt Creek Camp
Salt Creek Camp
Granite Camp
Hermit Camp
Schist Camp
Crystal Camp
Ego Beach Camp
Lower Tuna Camp
New Shady Grove Camp
103 Mile Camp
Emerald Camp
Hotauta Camp
Ross Wheeler Camp
Bass Camp
110 Mile Camp
Upper Garnet Camp
Lower Garnet Camp
Buckhorn Canyon Camp
Below Elves Right Camp
Big Dune Camp
120 Mile Camp
Blacktail Camp
Lower Blacktail Camp
Below Blacktail
121 Mile Camp
122 Mile Camp
122 Mile Canyon Camp
Upper Forster Camp
Below Forster Camp
tanner wash
Fossil Camp
Below Fossil Camp
Randy's Rock
Below Bedrock Camp
Galloway Camp
Stone Creek Camp
Talking Heads Camp
Racetrack Camp
Above Owl Eyes Camp
Owl Eyes Camp
Junebug Camp
Across Deer Creek Camp
OC's Camp
Poncho's Kitchen Camp
Football Field Camp
Doris Camp
139 Mile Camp
Fishtail Camp
Keyhole Camp
Below Kanab Camp
Above Olo Camp
Olo Camp
Opposite Matkatamiba Camp
Matkat Hotel
Upset or Patch Camp
Upper Ledges Camp
Last Chance Rapid
Very Last Chance Camp
First Chance Camp
158 Mile Camp
Second Chance Camp
160 Mile Camp
161 Mile Camp.
Above Tuckup Camp
Tuckup Camp
Below Tuckup Camp
165 Mile Camp
Upper National Camp
Lower National Camp
Below National Camp
Fern Glen Camp
Stairway Canyon Camp
Mohawk Camp
172 Mile Camp
Upper Cove Camp
Lower Cove Camp
Below Red Slide Camp
Honga Spring Camp
Above Anvil Camp
Above Lava Camp.
Below Lower Lava Camp
Upper Chevron Camp
Lower Chevron Camp
183 Mile Camp
184 Mile Camp
Upper 185 Mile Camp
Lower 185 Mile Camp
186 Mile Camp
Whitmore Helipad Camp
Whitmore Wash Camp
Lower Whitmore Camp
Granite Island Camp
190 Mile Camp
Upper Fat City
Fat City
193 Mile Camp
Hualipai Acres Camp
Froggy Fault Camp
Parashant Camp
Below Parashant Camp
202 Mile Camp
203 Mile Camp
Below Spring Canyon Camp
205 Mile Camp
indian Canyon Camp
207 Mile Camp
Granite Park Camp
209 Mile Camp
210 Mile Camp
Upper Fall Canyon Camp
Lower Fall Canyon Camp
213 Mile Camp
Pumpkin Springs Camp
214 Mile Camp
Opposite Three Springs Camp
217 Mile Camp
220 Mile Camps
221 Mile Camp
222 Mile Camp
224 Mile Camp
225 Mile Camp
Last Chance Above Diamond Camp
Truckseat Camp
Travertine Canyon Camp
Travertine Falls Camp
Bridge Canyon Camp
Gneiss Canyon Camp
Bridge Canyon City Camp
Separation Camp
241 Mile Camp
242 Mile Camp
243 Mile Camp
Spencer Camp
Surprise Camp
No Name Camp
257 Bar Camp
Burnt Springs Camp
Quartermaster Camp
Ramadas Camp

Weather Overview: 90° Today, Sunny

Over the course of the next 5 days, weather conditions on the river are expected to range between Sunny, with a high near 82. Breezy. to sunny, with a high near 90. west wind 6 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 21 mph. It doesn't look like there's any substantial snow forecasted this week with air temperatures ranging between 82° - 90°

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