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Washington paddling is about combining one's paddling abilities and navigational skills with the movements of the environment itself. Important to a Washington riverrunner is the experience and expression of the river in its continuity rather than, say, a penchant for its punctuated "vertical" features (e.g. standing waves, play-holes and waterfalls). Therefore the Washington paddler will maneuver the craft in such a way as to make use of the river's surface features (e.g. waves, holes and eddylines) thus conserving the boat's speed and momentum. Explore current conditions for 3 river runs below before your next Washington adventure.

River Run Status Streamflow (CFS) Air Temp (F) Length (Mi) Gradient (FPM) Class
TOO LOW 634 52 9 50.02 II+ TO III
71 3.5 60 II+ TO III
RUNNABLE 822 59 1 15 II+ TO III-


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